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F A Q ' S

How long will it take to get my photos? 

Headshots, Product shots 2 weeks. 

Family portraits, couples sessions 4 weeks.  

Wedding & Event photos 6-8 . 


Do you only shoot locally? 

No, I'm happy to travel please inquire for details. 


What is my photography style? 

I love to allow things to happen naturally and capture moments in their purest form.  My aim is to create flattering, naturally beautiful images whilst being as unobtrusive and discreet as possible.  I also enjoy developing new lighting & styling techniques to create contemporary photos.   


Do I pose and set up shots? 

Yes and no. It depends on the shoot and what kind of photos you are looking for. I will usher you into beautiful settings and take you through different scenarios which will inspire you to smile, laugh, be thoughtful or any other emotion that comes naturally.  


What services do you provide? 

My services include; headshots, products, family portraits, engagement sessions, weddings, anniversary, honeymoon sessions and events etc. 


How do I book a  photography session with you? 

That's easy, just use the contact page and provide some details about your photography session and I'll get back to you with pricing & booking information.  You may also call me at 818.857.7709. 


What should I look for in a Photographer? 

Photography style, professionalism, personality, creativity and value are all important aspects to consider.  Knowing your photographer really cares about providing the best experience and images possible is also significant. 



What time of day should I have my event or photoshoot? 

Generally, the morning tends to produce bright, contrasted photos with a blue ocean and sky.  With late afternoon and sunset you will usually get the beautiful 'golden hour' light.  Weddings which are scheduled 1-2 hours before sunset tend to have a bright, blown out sky and a grey ocean.  I do my best to shoot from a variety of angles to produce a wide array of photos, however, if the blue sky and ocean is important to you, then scheduling your ceremony for the morning or early in the afternoon would be recommended.   If you have further questions about this, please contact me. 

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